Personalized, holistic approach

Dr. Catherine Colaizzo and her staff have a genuine concern for your well-being, and are committed to improving your health through superior chiropractic care. In addition to using the most up-to- date techniques, Dr. Colaizzo’s philosophy is to treat you as if you are part of her family.

Dr. Colaizzo maintains a high skill level by combining her many years of experience with ongoing continuing education. Most recently, she was certified in A.R.T. , a soft tissue technique. Read more about Dr. Colaizzo’s education and training

Providing quality care since 1989

Since opening her practice in 1989, Dr. Catherine Colaizzo has successfully treated many patients ranging in age from birth to 99 years old. If you’ve been unable to get the pain relief you need, call us today.

Proven Results

  • Sports injuries
  • Accidents
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Carpal tunnel and more!


Learn more about your condition and chiropractic care

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Mission Statement



The Chiropractic & Therapy Center is dedicated to providing natural effective pain relief. We utilize up to date techniques and equipment to deliver services in a modern office. We pride ourselves on being exceptional at diagnosing conditions, so that patients get the most appropriate treatments for their problems.

We also strive to keep our patients non-drug dependent and pain free utilizing passive and active care. There are cases when medical and or surgical interventions are necessary and we work closely with other specialists as clinically indicated.

The staff is well trained to assist patients with all of their insurance needs and make appointments that are convenient for the patients to achieve maximum results.